Pat Sullivan

Pat began his career in radio during the fall of 1977 as a senior in high school, reporting on school activities and playing 1 song a week. A few years later, Pat landed his first full-time on-air job, and hasn’t looked back.  He has worked every airshift, held positions from program director to operations manager to promotions director, but it is the title of morning show host that he enjoys the most.

Pat is an avid fan of the Baltimore Orioles, Pittsburgh Steelers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish.  He is also a musician who has performed in clubs, festivals, private events and concerts since the 1980’s.  He is a founding member of The Channel Cats Blues Band and continues to perform with that band throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Pat is married to Jo Lynn Sullivan, a successful business owner in Cumberland and one of the most charitable and loving people he has ever met.  Pat also has a son, Brendan, currently working in the field of computer programming/coding, who he sites as his hero and inspiration.

Mon-Fri | 10a-3p