Matt Kelly

Hey friends! Catch me in the afternoon M-F from 3-7pm. Plenty of music, headlines & God knows what else we’ll get into!


Where Ya From? – Born and raised in Beverly, WV. Spent just as much time going to school in Elkins.

Favorite Food? – BEER. Oh…you said food? Tacos!

Why Radio? – Growing up, I was always around music. I even ended up playing instruments, singing, etc. While in college at WVU, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life…what degree to pursue. I worked on the college radio station WWVU FM – U92. Found my passion in all facets of radio. Haven’t looked back since. I love working with our WKKW crew and the rest of the WV Radio family!

Cat or Dog Person? – I want all the animals!