WV Country Roads with KC

Just a Carolina boy making West Virginia noise! I was devastatingly shy as a kid to the extent that if you didn’t grow up in our house, I didn’t talk to you. So naturally, the fact that I now make a living by running my mouth is still a point of confusion to many of my family members. Even as a shy little dork I always seemed to gravitate toward outlets for creativity and self-expression, which is what pushed me to study broadcasting in college. Now I get to be myself and occasionally wear pajamas to work, which is all I ever truly wanted in life. If you’re a fan of stand-up comedy, pro wrestling, or Italian food, then we can be friends. When I’m not in the studio you can usually find me at the bar, the gym, open mics, or wherever good pasta is sold. I’m a huge believer in being able to laugh at yourself, which you’ll hear on air as I laugh at my own jokes quite a bit.
I try to live my life according to the words my father once told me. “If you ever see a turtle on top of a fence post, you know one thing: it didn’t get there by itself. So wherever you end up in life, never forget the ones who helped you along the way. Also, stand up straight and learn how to use a circular saw.”
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