Win $1,000 a Weekday in May w/ The Wolf & Timbrook KIA!

100.1 The Wolf and Timbrook KIA are giving you a chance to win $1,000 every weekday in the month of May!

Here’s how it works:

Every weekday at 6:10am, 7:10am and 8:10am we’ll announce the song-of-the-day and the daily keyword.  When you hear the song-of-the-day, you’ll have 10 minutes to text the daily keyword to 35651.  If your text makes it in time you’ll get a message back from us letting you know that we’ve received your entry.  Make sure you stay close to your phone because we’ll call the winner back within 30 minutes!

Very Important

Be sure to text the daily keyword, and only the daily keyword, to 35651. If you include anything else in your message, the text won’t make it through and you won’t be entered. 

Incorrect: Hi Brian the keyword is kia, I hope I win
Correct: kia

If you’re anything like us, you’re going to be looking for a way to cheat, and we’ve got that covered too.  Like the Timbrook KIA Facebook page below…

Timbrook KIA

Every morning at 6:10am they will post a link that will allow you to get a 1-hour window in which the song-of-the-day will play!  Once you’ve liked the their page on Facebook, you’ll get that daily post right there in your timeline!

You’ve got 22 chances to win $1,000 in May so good luck from all of us at 100.1 The Wolf and Timbrook KIA!

Official rules